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How healthy is your organization?

How much do you invest keeping your physical assets in good shape…your buildings, equipment, vehicles? 

Compare that with how much you are investing in your people…not just their skills, but their behaviors.

Your people are your single greatest asset.

Do you have employees who would be hard to live without? 


Are you developing them so they can move towards their full potential and feel valued in the process?

Do you think communication could improve within your ranks?

A 2016 Gallup survey revealed 70% of managers are uncomfortable communicating in

general with their staff.

Do you have any valuable yet difficult employees who might turn things around with some help? 

Could your sales force be more effective?

How distracted are your employees?

Are goals set and regularly reviewed?  Is adequate accountability in place?

Or maybe your hiring process could use some help? 

According to the US Dept. of Labor the average cost for each bad hire is equal to 30% of that individual’s annual earnings on top of what you are paying him or her.

People affect your bottom line.  I can help you with your people.

I use a defined process to help people become much more self-aware so they can change the way they think.  When their thinking changes their habits become better.  Their perspective improves which increases effectiveness, job satisfaction and job retention. 

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