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"The months that I worked with Lynn as my coach provided insight into my career as well as my personal and professional relationships. By discovering my core motivator, we realized why I am counterproductive at times.  After applying the techniques I learned through coaching, coworkers and my boss have commented on how much more productive I have become.  I have been consistently number one in sales for the last 8 months resulting in a promotion to Senior Account Manager.  I am not sure where I would be had I not invested in Lynn’s services.”

Kelly Newell -


Ft. Worth, TX​

Senior Account Manager

Greenwood Office Outfitters

Lynn’s experience and wisdom coupled with his intentional approach has been incredibly helpful in both personal and professional aspects. My “Why it Matters” and the process to define it has been incredibly helpful. I highly recommend Lynn and his services!”

- Hunter Acosta


Memphis, TN

District Management



“Lynn is a results driven thought leader and consultant with real world experience enabling exponential personal and business growth.  His process provided a deep understanding of my “why it matters” taking the knowledge of myself and others to another level.” 

- Steve Zimmerman


Memphis, TN

Director of Healthcare Services

Service Master

Steve Zimmerman
Kelly Newell
Hunter Acosta
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