Walk with Purpose

A young mother drops by a store to pick up just one item. With her three kids in tow, she navigates the aisles to find her item is out of stock. Disappointed and tired, she begins to make her way out of the store as her kids get distracted by all there is to look at and touch. She is herding cats. “Look at my eyes,” she says with slightly raised voice. “We are leaving now. Walk with purpose.”

Simple, yet profound. She announced the goal was to leave the store. In order to reach that goal, they needed to walk with that goal in mind and not get distracted. In what areas in my life do I need to walk with purpose?

As I try to lead myself, it helps if I have long term goals with regular reminders. The Weekly Planner (see blog from 8/20/19) helps me to keep my annual goals in mind as I make monthly, weekly and daily goals. When distractions and temptations pop up, viewing my “Walk with Purpose” sticky note on my desk lamp helps me to wake up and stay focused on what I have previously decided is most important.

As I try to lead others, this phrase helps me to remember to communicate clearly and frequently what we are trying to achieve as a group. My actions tend to be more intentional when I keep the “purpose” front and center for everyone. Well-crafted mission statements and values serve as clear reminders of what we are about if they are short, action oriented and everywhere you look.

Have you clearly defined the purpose(s) for yourself and your organization? If so, what reminders do you have in place to keep you and your people walking with purpose?

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