Could I benefit from executive coaching?

Updated: Aug 4


Rate 1-10 how true these statements are for you: 1 = not at all 10 = very true

____ 1. I think I am covering all my bases but at times wonder if I am

missing something important.

____ 2. I think I am headed in the right direction but would like to be more

confident in my decisions.

____ 3. I think I am winging it too often rather than working a plan/process

that measures my progress.

____ 4. I would like to be able to regularly focus on what is important for

longer periods of time.

____ 5. Sometimes I get down on myself and my situation. When discouraged

a trusted advisor would be helpful for some perspective and strategy.

____ 6. I have some pretty good strengths but would like a game plan to

address some nagging weaknesses.

____ 7. I know too much stress is unhealthy and would like to explore ways to

reduce it.

____ 8. I think I know how I am coming across to others but their reactions

aren’t always what I hoped for. I wonder if I have a blind spot.

____ 9. My business skills are pretty good, but I could have better habits to

make the most of my time.

____10. I wonder if I could get closer to reaching my full potential.

______ Total Score

If you scored below 50 then you are not the best fit. If 50-70 then you have an opportunity to make measurable progress towards a better version of you. If 70-90 then you can get excited about some significant changes coming your way. If 90-100 then what are you waiting for?

I choose to work with people who are excited to keep growing and willing to do the work necessary to make measurable positive change. Contact me if you would like to discuss if could be a fit.

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