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ABOUT lynn

Lynn Ballinger was a U.S. agency security trader and Managing Director at one of the nation’s largest underwriters of U.S. agency debt.  In his 30+ years working in the world of institutional finance, Lynn learned firsthand how to work with and manage through some of the most challenging people and situations.  After having received plenty of mentoring and coaching as he navigated the volatile markets and people working in them, Lynn has shifted his focus to helping others who desire not only financial reward but also relational success in the process. He became a Certified Executive Coach after completing the University of Georgia’s Sherpa Coaching Program (60 hours of classroom instruction and 12 weeks of mentor coaching).  His focus is coaching executives and their people by helping them navigate the challenges of today’s business world while becoming the best leaders they can be. Lynn enjoys working with small to midsize companies as well as larger organizations such as Toyota and the U.S. Navy. Lynn is a graduate of Baylor University (BBA ’85, MBA ‘86) and lives in Memphis, TN with his wife Tawni.  They have 3 adult children. In addition to empowering clients, he enjoys woodworking and spending time at the lake with his family. 

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