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Become a confident and decisive leader in your workplace.

Unlock your potential with executive coaching designed to get you to the next level.

  • Improve self-awareness

  • Make better decisions

  • Be your best professional self


Are you getting in your own way?

  • Negative thoughts keep you from making progress

  • A busy schedule overwhelms you and interferes with the quality of your work

  • The lack of direction in your career has you stalled and spinning your wheels

I believe you deserve to become a confident and purposeful leader.

I'm Lynn

I will equip you to become the professional you desire to be. 

I remember working tirelessly with no end goal in sight and wondering what I had accomplished. I would frequently overreact to stressful situations. Without a plan, I felt lost and anxious about the future.

After 30 years of executive experience and 1000s of hours coaching business leaders across various industries, I have developed a process that helps individuals formulate a plan, stick to it and lead themselves to ultimate career success.  They first learn to coach themselves, then their people.

Not only have I helped myself and countless others... I can help you too.

I can help you in a few different ways.

One-on-One Coaching


Here is what you'll get from me.

Pinpoint Your Genius

Assessments will identify your natural abilities and areas of frustration.  You will better understand the type of work that brings you joy and fulfillment so you can reduce stress and increase productivity.

Identify Your Super Power

Find out what motivates you to increase self-awareness. Harness your deepest motivations while ensuring they don't become your kryptonite.

Regulate Your Mind

Using a variety of exercises and assessments, you will develop  greater self-control while making measurable progress to keep moving forward.


Foundations of Coaching

The Professional Development Fast Track Online Course


Try First Module Risk Free

Try the first module risk free. At the very least, you will walk away with increased self-awareness and an understanding of my process.


Follow the Course

Guided by my process, you will learn how to get healthy feedback, helpful thought patterns and how to manage your focus.  The result will be a plan to navigate your career optimally.


Reach Your Summit

Achieve the confidence and awareness you need to dramatically grow and impact everyone around you.

Hear what my clients
have to say...

Kelly Smith BEC.jpeg

Kelly Smith

Memphis, TN


Program Manager


Customer Satisfaction

"I am thrilled to share that I completed the 9-week Online Coaching Course. It was quite the experience. I went in with some apprehension, as I couldn’t imagine not being able to talk back and forth (i.e. “play catch”), but continue to grow. The design quickly put all of my doubts to rest.


Each week offered a more challenging assignment than the week before. The self-reflection was absolutely the most beneficial. For years, I’ve thought reading and learning (external) are critical to my success. Through this course, I now realize those things are nice, but how well I know myself is much more critical to my success. You’ve given me A LOT to work on.


It is a shame I didn’t have this 20 years ago. I will continue to visit the lessons until I cannot anymore."

Kelly Newell

Ft. Worth, TX​

Senior Account Manager

Plano Office Supply

"Working with Lynn enhanced my understanding of my career and relationships, leading to increased productivity and consistent top sales performance over eight months, resulting in a promotion to Senior Account Manager. I don’t know where I would be without Lynn’s coaching."
Steve Zimmerman_edited.jpg

Steve Zimmerman

Memphis, TN

Senior Director of Operations

Service Master

“I have experienced exponential personal and business growth because of Lynn’s coaching. He takes a results-driven approach based on his real-world experience which helped me develop a deeper understanding of myself and how I work with others.”

Hunter Acosta

Memphis, TN


Pediatric Dental Care


“I highly recommend Lynn’s coaching. He has helped me define my “why” which has benefited me personally and professionally. His wisdom and experience coupled with an intentional approach are invaluable.”

What's included when you enroll in my course


DISC and Enneagram Assessments

Understand how you are uniquely designed so you can increase your resilience when working alone and with others.


Weekly Planner & Goal Setting

Take control of your week so you can accomplish what needs to be done, achieve your goals and enjoy life!


Curated Resources

From reading lists to weekly exercises, the entire course contains plenty of content to help you grow.


9 In-Depth Modules

A series of videos that build off of each other and transform you into your best professional self.

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