People Don't Drift Into Better
Versions of Themselves 

What if you are missing opportunities due to a blind spot

or an unclear thinking strategy?

Are you discouraged, distracted or lacking a plan for growth?  

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“Lynn is a results driven thought leader and consultant with real world experience enabling exponential personal and business growth..."

- Steve Zimmerman -

Memphis, TN

Director of Healthcare Services

Service Master

"The months that I worked with Lynn as my coach provided insight into my career as well as my personal and professional relationships..."

- Kelly Newell -

Ft. Worth, TX​

Senior Account Manager

Greenwood Office Outfitters

Lynn’s experience and wisdom coupled with his intentional approach has been incredibly helpful in both personal and professional aspects..."

- Hunter Acosta -


Memphis, TN

District Manager


"The philosophy behind Sherpa Coaching resonates with what I have learned over the years: clients have to do the work, and coaches need to stay out of their way."

- Marshall Goldsmith -

Why Coaching?


Recognize Weaknesses

Coaching tackles the things that keep you from getting to the next level.

Promote Honesty

A coach has the right to ask questions, and the Sherpa process creates the right questions.

Support Your Plan

Coaching has moved away from solving problems to become a development tool for rising stars.

Positive Skills + Positive Behavior = Positive Impact On Business


“Asked for a conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from coaching, these managers described an average return of about six times what the coaching had cost their companies.” 

- Fortune Magazine -


The Coaching Process


Phase Four

Charting the Course

We will work on the specific areas that will affect your day-to-day work life. We will organize and structure goals that fit your needs.


Phase One

Taking Stock

We will begin looking at you, the real you.


Phase Two

Global View

We will look at the important people in your life and how they affect and support you.


Phase Three


We will discover your motivations as well as why people and things affect you the way they do.  Here you learn how to effectively create and communicate expectations.


Phase Five


We will make sure you have a plan for success, checking that accountability and attitude are right where they should be.


Phase Six

Making Positive Changes Stick

We will review goals, discuss ongoing applications and address new challenges.


Who can use it?

Invest In Your People

What my Business Clients Receive:

  • DiSC and EQi Assessments

  • Executive contact meetings before and after the Process

  • 12 weekly 1 hour coaching sessions 

  • Followed by 6 every other week sessions

  • Monthly coaching beyond the first 6 months is available

  • ​Four hour group workshops are also available for:

    • Communication & Team Effectiveness

    • Team Leader Assimilation

    • Coaching Skills For High Performance

    • Why It Matters for teams and groups

Invest In Yourself

What my Individual Clients Receive:

  • DiSC and EQi Assessments

  • 12 weekly 1 hour coaching sessions to go through the Process

  • Followed by 6 every other week sessions

  • Monthly coaching beyond the first 6 months is available

  • Stand alone meetings are available if you prefer to only explore the DiSC and/or the EQi 2.0 emotional intelligence assessments as well as help discovering your Why It Matters



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